The Dragon and the Lotus: Sexual Reclamation through Asian FemDomme.

Image by Louis Loves (IG: @seigalphoto)

The following piece is a collaboration with Queer Asian Social Club and Mistress Lucy Sweetkill + Domina Dia Dynasty from La Maison Du Rouge.

We’ve all been witness to the misguided trope of Asian women* as the “lotus”—submissive, compliant, docile, and remiss to putting up a fight. Representations of this can be seen in film and media as characters in pleasure-centered roles of servitude that often include sexual acquiescence.

The idea of the Asian woman as “less-than” has been a long-held view within American society congruent to European settler perceptions of the East as “other” and romantizations of the Orient as an exotic and mysterious land, whose women were hypersexualized as a result of first encounters between the West and Asians—more specifically Asian women—having been through the military sex trade before and during World War II. These “comfort women,” as they were so endearingly referred to, performed forced and unprotected sexual acts that resulted in pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, many of whom died from botched abortions or complications associated with disease.

​Normalization of Asian women thus being sexual objects, sought after because of their alluringly exotic aesthetic, disarming beauty, and servile disposition, became the so-called “forbidden fruit” of the East. 

As a first generation mixed-Asian Canadian woman, I have been both the subject of, and witness to, most all the stereotypes placed on Asian women. From being sexualized by male counterparts, to being expected to act a certain way, encompassing specific roles, and playing the part of the “good girl” – obedient, dutiful, and yielding to any and all dominance.

Read the full interview here.

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