Period Sex.

To many uterus-owners, the idea of period sex can be a daunting one…OR dope as fuck (in my humble, pussy-lovin’ opinion).

Some of us might be able to recall that scene in Sex and the City where Samantha thinks she’s “dried up” so decides to fuck her cringe-worthy horndog neighbour, only to get her period mid-sex and staining his VERY expensive Egyptian cotton bedsheets — much to his horror and her delight. Sadly enough, this isn’t that uncommon of a reaction. It seems that we can all remember a time we were shamed during sex for having a natural bodily response. Most of my vagina and uterus-owning friends have at least one story where they bled during sex, much to the chagrin of the other parties involved.

I can understand that some folks are wigged out by blood in general (and let’s be honest, some are straight-up mortified). We tend to have a very averse relationship to the stuff, being that we’re often taught blood is “dirty” and can harbor STIs. I’m not saying this isn’t a legitimate fear, but why there is such an issue with period play between two healthy, consenting adults, is beyond me. I mean, I may be biased because I literally bleed from my vagina every month (and might have a lowkey sexual obsession with vampires), but I’ve even heard of other period-havers getting all uppity about blood coming out of their lover’s bodies. Like, what’s your damage, Heather?

So aside from there being the typical fear of blood in transmitting disease, and grossing some folks out, there really isn’t a reason to not have epic, bloody sex, amirite?

Well, let’s not forget the patriarchal interpretations of some religious belief systems which explicitly state that women who are menstruating are “unclean” and that one should never engage in sexual relations, let alone touch her or anything she has “contaminated,” until she has rid herself of this process. In other words, those of us who bleed are she-devils whose uteri contain demonic hell-blood that will corrupt all those who should enter into this most blasphemous of acts. (Anyone else getting horny from all the sacrilege right now…?)

Let’s just say, I tend to question the legitimacy of any belief system that was created by the patriarchy. And not to get into a feminist man-hating rant here — I understand the world is much more complex than that — but considering that much of what has been written or said about the menstrual cycle and its implications on religious purity has been offered up by cis-hetero males who have no bloody clue about our bloody vaginas, is right bloody nonsense!

I, for one, am a HUGE fan of period sex (if you hadn’t guessed already). It is the epitome of erotic to me. Allowing my lover to bathe in my blood is like a ritual. It anoints them with the highest potency of womb magic from the most sacred of sources. And how empowering is that? Not to mention, having orgasms can help with cramps — so, win-win! Yes, it gets messy, and sticky, and smells like menstrual blood, but as long as you and your partner are both healthy and consent to it prior, period sex can be an immensely beautiful and powerful act to engage in.

The more we as menstruating folks reclaim our WOMBanhood, the more we own our sexuality, the more we decide what goes on inside our uterus and refuse to allow decisions to be made on our bodies — we can bust up the oppressive patriarchal systems that censor our voices, our nipples, our sex, and all our divine pussy magic.

Bleed on, bitches.


Image by: Piam Visuals

2 thoughts on “Period Sex.

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope the more we talk about these things, the more women can feel empowered to share their experiences as well.


  2. Just found your blog. So perfect that this is your first specific topic. My first bf was abusive and demeaning, but he actually didn’t mind having sex when I was on my period. My husband, who is a truly wonderful man, doesn’t like it. It’s making me see the grey in terms of all the unique sets of biases present in each unique human of the world.

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