And so it begins…

Welcome to my blog: WhatTheSlut?

I’m a mid-thirties kinky, slutty, feminist trying to make sense of female-identifying and femme sexuality in the world of patriarchy, religious fundamentalism, and conservative society.

My intention for this blog is to explore concepts of sexuality and the female-identifying and femme body in public spaces. I fully support consensual sex work as work (ie. strippers, cam girls, porn stars, full service sex workers, Dommes, sugar babies) and regularly hang out at strip clubs, burlesque shows, and share personal explicit kinky content with a few trustworthy folks on the inter-web. I believe that in reclaiming spaces for women to express their sexuality, this in turn gives agency to those involved and allows for empowerment through subversive sexual acts.

Whereas I respect and honour the experiences of LGBTQ2SIA+, QTPOC, BIPOC, non-binary, genderqueer, pansexual, and label-free folks, I speak from my own experiential learnings as a queer mixed-Asian femme.

I hope to publish content that aims to normalize the female-identifying and femme sexual experience in public as legitimate and powerful. In the meantime, I’ll just rant about it on here, unabashedly.

You can also listen to my brand-spanking (yes, please!) new podcast on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Thanks for reading. Stay slutty, friends.


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